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National Human Rights Commission

Reorganising the cases & complaints mechanisms of the National Human Rights Commission – a project proposal for the production of a standardised treatment manual on cases and complaints by the NHRC a) Conduct its investigations and inquiries in such manner as it considers appropriate b) Institute any civil action on any matter it deems fit in relation to the exercise of its functions c) Visit prisons, police cells and other places of detention in order to ascertain the conditions thereof […]

Judicial Reform Project under Justice For All (J4A) Program of the British Council

Support implementation of actions to improve efficiency of Fast Track and Multi door courts in Lagos and Kano States. The purpose of this assignment is to provide technical assistance to support the implementation of recommendations to improve the functioning of the Fast Track Courts (FTCs) and Multidoor Court Houses (MDCs) in Kano and Lagos including the development and implementation of strategies; guidelines; protocols and manuals; training and initial mentoring/supervision during early implementation of the processes; • Development of a detailed […]

Standard Setting in Africa

To ensure the provision and maintenance of international standards in training, service and accreditation for the ADR industry, NCMG International also champions the Society for Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR) and is a member of AfMA (African Mediation Association) headquartered in South Africa with European offices in The Hague, the Netherlands. NCMG International is also accredited by IMI (International Mediation Institute) in the Netherlands as a training provider.

Project Zero

Project Zero Violence Zero litigation is the most recent initiative of the NCMG International. In all democracies, credible, free and fair elections are a mediating tool for resolving competing claims to power. Through voting, citizens are able to make choices among the contesting parties and candidates. The credibility of elections is itself enabled by the ever vigilant stakeholders, always ensuring that elections retain the mediating role. Unsurprisingly therefore, in developed democracies, elections stabilize and legitimize governance. Project Zero Violence Zero […]

Peer Mediation Program

Safe and orderly environments in the tertiary institutions are essential to promoting high standards for learning and ensuring that all students have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potentials. Too often, however, university students are involved in diverse set of conflicts in the school settings. There are diverse concerns ranging from assaults, agitations with administration, disputes between students over choices, class, clothing, and other possessions, to graver tendencies such as, cultism and riots, which at times make the tertiary […]

Multi-Door Courthouse Program (MDCP)

For a long time, the settlement of disputes by adversarial contest had dominated the judicial landscape of the nation. Litigants and Lawyers as principal actors in this scene encouraged inspired and pursued litigation whether for good, for bad or for no cause at all. Expectedly, the result so far has been painful. For instance, numerous court adjournments keep conflict fresh in the mind of litigants, disputants are kept away from their jobs and means of livelihood, most importantly, friendship and […]

Categorized Awards

The Categorized Awards are open for nominations from the general public and the awards are in the following segments: NCMG Peace Builder Award; NCMG Justice Builder Award; iii.   NCMG Community Peace Builder; NCMG Institutional Peace Builder; NCMG Youth Innovation for Peace

Specialized Awards: Special Recognition Awards

The NCMG Special Recognition Award is a specialized award category which primarily honors individuals with a track record of exemplary leadership, selfless service and commitment to the overall improvement of humanity. Awardees in this category are carefully selected for the impact which their selflessness and passion has brought towards meaningful change in the larger society. The NCMG Special Recognition Award is not open to nominations but the result of thorough research and deliberations by the Peace Awards Committee who then […]