Project Zero

Project Zero Violence Zero litigation is the most recent initiative of the NCMG International. In all democracies, credible, free and fair elections are a mediating tool for resolving competing claims to power. Through voting, citizens are able to make choices among the contesting parties and candidates. The credibility of elections is itself enabled by the ever vigilant stakeholders, always ensuring that elections retain the mediating role. Unsurprisingly therefore, in developed democracies, elections stabilize and legitimize governance.

Project Zero Violence Zero Litigation (“Project Zero”) is convened by the NCMG International as a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder response to electoral violence and disputes in Africa. More to the point, the project’s point of departure is that achieving zero violence and zero litigation is impossible unless all stakeholders in the electoral process perform their roles in an effective manner. All stakeholders, including the electoral management bodies, political interest groups, trade associations, youth, women, security agencies, religious bodies, media establishments and legal community must all become willing and vigilant watchdogs of the African electoral process. The project is anchored on the following components namely:
1. Electoral Peace Pledge (EPP)
2. Eminent Persons Group (EPG)
3. Training
4. Monitoring and Evaluation

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