NCMG is committed to the promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms as the default means of conflict management. The organization is focused on promoting and advocating for world peace and conflict management within the African continent. Since its establishment, the NCMG has been on the vanguard of ADR development in Africa, and continues to advance the frontiers of this relatively new industry through collaboration and partnership with relevant institutions across Europe, America and Africa. For the past 20 years, we have been at the forefront of capacity development and innovation in Africa through constructive engagements, judicial reform, cultural orientation and sustained proliferation of ADR practices. We link our knowledge and expertise with those of our partners to support and participate in the development of local and international strategies for change. We leverage our competence with the collective intelligence of these partners to develop bespoke solutions to entrenched challenges within governments, MDAs and corporations among others.

Hon. Justice Ayotunde Phillips
Regional Chair, West Africa

The future of the Judiciaries of Africa is in ADR.  The benefits of ADR – headed by expedition, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness – are all too self-evident.  The unwieldy, expensive and inefficient traditional adversarial system of dispute resolution must be reviewed and overhauled in its profound proportions.  A major challenge in this effort lies in no less than a fundamental change of legal and judicial culture.  Accordingly, training and retraining will be of the essence. We will need an African collaboration on these matters of ADR and Conflict Resolution.  My clarion call and challenge to this august Audience is this: Africa needs to come together on a systematic, institutionalized, long standing and concrete relationship of conflict resolution.  One of the key things I have learnt from the reform process at the Commercial Court of Uganda has been the need to set ambitious but realistic targets and then work hard to achieve these targets, monitoring our progress through the setting and reporting on appropriate indicators and utilizing accurate data and statistical analyses to educate the process.

Hon. Justice James Ogoola
Regional Chair, East Africa

We have every reason to be proud of the success of NCMG, which is the result of professionalism, hard work, dogged commitment and determination on the part of everyone, and I am extremely grateful and proud of every member of the organization for their contributions. The achievements of the then infant organization remain unique in the annals of administration of justice and I can say this with all modesty; such achievements would have been beyond the realms of possibility had it not been for those stalwarts who have stood with the organization with unflinching devotion. I thank them all.

Kehinde Aina
Founder, NCMG International