RESEARCH & early Warnings

RESEARCH & early Warnings

NCMG overall research, publications, strategic planning, corporate communications and business development programs and facilitation of marketing activities with brand development initiatives are the responsibilities of the Research and Early Warnings division


The promotion and implementation of ADR  have been on a positive trajectory in the growth of the NCMG since its inception.  Research and early warnings division operates under three primary but overlapping themes:


i. Research & Market Intelligence (RMI)

This will aim at documenting on the NCMG International website and furnishing other units of the organization, where requested, evidence based information on current development in ADR.

ii. Publication and Communication

Our publications include;
• Journal on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Africa (Annually),
• the NCMG Alert (Quarterly),
• the Negotiator (Quarterly).

iii. Archiving and Records

Collecting collating, filing of records, documents and other materials of historical and institutional interest to NCMG International