Training & Advocacy Directorate

Training & Advocacy Directorate

Every person has a right to a dignified life, irrespective of religion, belief, political opinion, race, gender, sexual orientation or marital status. Justice and Peace seek a just and sustainable world where people are protected by universal human rights, while the fairer distribution of wealth and equality of opportunity is ensured. Equal justice under the law is not merely a caption on the front of a court building, it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society. It is one of the ends for which our entire legal system exists. It is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.  Our legal system provides us with the opportunity to seek and obtain justice when our rights have been violated and a forum for redress when we have been wronged.

NCMG has actively promoted respect for human rights and social justice. The fundamental principles guiding our work are universally recognized human rights and basic principles like human dignity, solidarity and social justice. We are active in the creation of frameworks for equitable access to justice by promoting policies, procedures, court rules, and legislation that remove barriers to our judicial system.

We ensure wise and efficient use of available resources including local, regional and national coordination systems. We also develop and implement other initiatives designed to expand civil access to justice. There are three distinct units under the Training and Advocacy Unit:

Consultancy Services

The Consultancy & Projects Division provides qualitative and professional consultancy services which transform individuals, teams and organizations using methods intended to redirect the use of resources, processes, budget allocations or other modes of operation to significantly reshape judiciaries, organizations and individuals. Working with the government, the bar, professional bodies, multinational corporations and international organizations, we have developed proficiency in the planning, design and implementation of organizational change management practices, internal dispute resolution systems, human resources conflict management, conflict management systems design and ADR projects.

Capacity Development Services

At NCMG, we understand the ever-changing challenges organizations and professionals face today, such as: leadership development, improving productivity, enhancing performance, increasing sales, addressing generational changes and building teams.

We work with professionals and organizations across multiple industries and channels to develop and deliver relevant, effective and practical training solutions.

We serve as your strategic partners in order to understand your specific needs, challenges and requirements. Our consultative and collaborative approach allows our team to develop sound strategies with clear objectives and outcomes. The insight we gain through this constructive engagement will ensure you receive innovative, competency based and results driven training.

At the heart of NCMG training and capacity development is our commitment to ensuring that all training programs are practical, interactive, and action-oriented. Our interactive approach is a blend of case studies, role plays, simulations and behavior modeling. We have found this to be an effective method of fostering discussions, transferring knowledge and developing skills set. We always focus on what works in practice not just theory so that participants can apply what they have learned. Through our action oriented approach, participants identify, assess, and develop solutions to specific challenges they face. They benefit from input and guidance on their action plans from both their peers and training faculty.

Our faculty comprise of knowledgeable and respected practitioners, consultants and educators from academia and the private sector. They have many years of demonstrated experience and competence in practical, interactive and action oriented training.

Med Arb Services

In order to provide a meaningful and progressive platform for the resolution of dispute, NCMG spearheaded the establishment of International Mediation and Arbitration Centre (IMAC). IMAC is gradually being positioned as the major provider of mediation and arbitration services within the African continent. with a strong on-line dispute resolution platform, IMAC maintains a panel comprising the most acclaimed International Mediators and Arbitrators.

Our Service offerings:

Our services are geared towards resolving your commercial disputes, facilitating better business relationships and enhancing your investment opportunities. Our Dispute resolution services fall into the following categories;
1. Mediation and Arbitration Service: We partner reputable international organisations all around the world from Singapore, to USA, London, Geneva, Paris and New York to ensures quality service delivery

2. Panel of Mediators and Arbitrators: NCMG International maintains a database of highly trained, experienced and qualified Mediators, Arbitrators and prominent ADR professionals from around the world. This includes lawyers, accountants, quantity surveyors, engineers and doctors who adhered strictly to international best practice and the Spidr code of ethics.

3. ADR Administration and Secretariat Service: Our administrative and Secretariat service ensure seamless dispute resolution among disputing parties. We provide services in Fundholding, Neutral Management and Tribunal Secretary Services, among others.

4. Advisory and Consultancy Service: We seek to lead clients to arrangement that best suit their business trading and investment activities needs in an international context. We provide help through advice and, when required, by getting involved in the resolution of our client disputes.