Institutional Peacebuilder

Institutional Peacebuilder

This Award recognizes and honors an institution/organization or entity that uses their core business and competitive advantages to contribute to peace and stability, creating shared value. An organization that is proactive in building both peace and opportunity especially in insurgency areas by applying risk, conflict analysis, and conflict-sensitive & transformation practices.  Institutional Peace-builders are entities that develop strategies that promote peace and stability for a better & stronger business and communities.

These institutions build a global approach, with ad-hoc initiatives of peace-building such as humanitarian aids and advocacy, economic development, conflict prevention, resolution and reconciliation, ensuring a more peaceful society. They also support where appropriate, local, regional or national dialogues, community grievance mechanisms and peace processes; implement social, economic and environmental investment that underpins peaceful, inclusive communities.


The Criteria: 

The award recognizes and honours a corporation that:

  1. Advocates and champion the capabilities of the residents of the community within which it operates to live in peaceful co-existence;
  2. Works to promote human rights, prevent violent conflict and contribute to more peaceful societies;
  1. Introduces and operationalizes mechanisms which facilitate dialogue and cooperation;
  2. Makes significant contributions to the standard of living and quality of life of the residents of the community within which they operate;
  3. Is building partnerships and constructively engaging community stakeholders in peace building initiatives