Community Peacebuilder

This Award seeks to recognize and honour traditional rulers or community leaders who have committed themselves to promote development within their respective communities through social work, and selfless leadership. The nominee must have demonstrated significant achievements in building inclusive communities, conflict prevention, conflict  resolution, and reconciliation.

The community peacebuilder is one who has successfully mobilized members of their communities, promoted inclusion, and developed resources and collaborative relationships necessary for catalyzing positive social change.


The Criteria:

The award recognizes and honours a community or traditional leader who:

  1. Has made consistent effort to introduce initiatives that enthrones peace and peaceful coexistence within their communities and in Nigeria as a whole.
  1. Advocates and champions the use of mediation, negotiation, dialogue and forgiveness as the preferred instruments for resolving disputes.
  1. Develop initiatives and projects that are help promote access to justice and resolve legal challenges.
  1. Aims to make significant contributions to the standard of living and quality of life of the residents of the community.