Judicial Reform Project under Justice For All (J4A) Program of the British Council

Support implementation of actions to improve efficiency of Fast Track and Multi door courts in Lagos and Kano States. The purpose of this assignment is to provide technical assistance to support the implementation of recommendations to improve the functioning of the Fast Track Courts (FTCs) and Multidoor Court Houses (MDCs) in Kano and Lagos including the development and implementation of strategies; guidelines; protocols and manuals; training and initial mentoring/supervision during early implementation of the processes;
• Development of a detailed action plan for this assignment in conjunction with the judiciaries with clear actions and outputs; responsibilities and agreed timelines. The plan should be in the template agreed with J4A

• Conducted interview with various stakeholders identified before project commencement such as the Chief Judges of the States, other Judges, Chief Registrar, MDC Directors and Staff of the Registries among others. Designed and developed the “AS IS” map of the current structure of the registries in all the courts.

• Designed and developed the “AS SHOULD” mapping of the same courts registries after international benchmark analysis.

• Support to and regular meetings and consultations with the Chief Judges; judges and chief registrars and any committee that may be established for the project/or for implementing recommendations of the review of the registries.

• In conjunction with the relevant committees established by the judiciaries, develop a detailed costed strategic/action plan for restructuring the court system and establishing multidoor central registry models with short, medium and long term practical actions for implementation by the judiciaries. The plans should include detailed proposal for the online and off line platforms and detailed process maps and organisation structures for the new structures/registries

• Support the development of the FTC/MDC registries towards their integration in the central registry for the planned Multi Door High Courts in the long term.

• Developing/designing/drafting for each of the courts, the following processes to aid effective operations of the registries:

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