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After the success story of the Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse (LMDC) -the first court-connected ADR Centre in Africa which was established by the NCMG International in June, 2002 and subsequent replication in other jurisdictions in Nigeria, NCMG International continued in its efforts in promoting access to justice and effective dispute resolution in Africa by proposing the establishment of an ADR Centre in the appellate courts in Nigeria.
The initial baby step in this regards began in 2010, when NCMG International sent a proposal to the Appellate courts. After a series of meetings, workshops and conferences, a committee was put together by the Chief Justice of Nigeriain 2015 saddled with the responsibility of drafting the Rule of the Supreme Court Mediation Centre. NCMG International was also appointed as the consultant for the project.

Further to the work of the committee, the Supreme Court Mediation Centre (SCMC) was established by virtue of  Order 9A, Supreme Court Rules 1985 (as amended), for the expeditious resolution of disputes and appeals before the Supreme Court. In furtherance of the established SCMC, the Supreme Court Mediation Rules, 2016 was enacted, effective February 1, 2016.


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