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The NCMG International was appointed Consultants for the establishment of the Court of Appeal Mediation Centre in line with Order 16 of the Court of Appeal Rules. It is intended that operation start in three pilot divisions (Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt)

The overriding objective of the Court of Appeal Mediation Centre, which is established to promote mediation and such other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms towards enhancing the administration of justice and speedy resolution of disputes, shall be to:

(1) Promote a just and speedy determination of every civil and criminal appeals, action, cause or matter as the case may be, which has been brought and is pending before the Court;

(2)Assist the parties in reaching an expeditious resolution of their disputes in all good faith in a fair and efficient manner;

(3) Encourage disputing parties and their Counsel to strive towards reducing the cost of litigation and associated delays thereby facilitating a fair and just resolution of disputes with limited animosity amongst parties;

(4) Promote mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms as veritable tools of dispute resolution in the Court and the judiciary as a whole; and

(5) Improve access to justice, user confidence in the court system and afford the Justices ample time for such matters or issues that are best resolved through litigation


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