This award seeks to recognize any woman whose consistent efforts and strides, initiatives introduced have resulted in the enthronement of peace and peaceful co-existence in a male dominated society especially in an unrest and conflict region.

Women bear the brunt of the conflict during crisis and unrests. They are vulnerable to gender-based and sexual violence. The impact of armed conflict upon women is vast. They have increasingly become specific targets of attack and are susceptible to marginalization, violence, rape and the associated sufferings engendered by armed conflict. Overall, women may be particularly vulnerable if they are held up as ‘symbolic’ bearers of cultural and ethnic identity, and the producers of the community’s future generations.

Despite the vulnerability and exposure of women to violence and abuse in unrest and conflict zones, some women have taken it upon themselves to build initiatives which facilitate lasting peace in such societies but are not recognized being a male dominated society. For peacebuilding initiatives to remain sustainable in the long-term, women must be included in every level of the process. Yet current formal peace-building processes often remain largely male-dominated, where women are simply as war victims.

The Criteria:

The award recognizes and honours a woman who:

  1. Facilitates peace initiatives that promote peace and unity including non-violent protests and peaceful march
  2. Provides psychological and material support to victims of conflict for the purpose of rehabilitation, reconstruction and reintegration
  3. Stimulates positive actions from political, traditional and religious leaders that promote peace
  4. Sensitizes and educates the general public on conflict prevention and transformation
  5. Initiates projects, programs and activities for the attainment of sustainable peace, dialogue, non-violence and creative approaches towards peaceful coexistence in communities and the world at large.


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