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The history of Liberia, South Africa, India, United States, Nigeria and many other countries are dotted with stories of the roles played by women and women organizations in peace building and positive change in the society. While it is not in doubt that women and children are often the most traumatized in times of war, the positive role women continue to play in bringing about positive change in the society cannot be overemphasized.

The Outstanding Woman of Peace Award recognizes any woman or organization of women by whose consistent efforts and strides communities have developed, lives changed, dialogue encouraged and initiatives introduced that have resulted in the enthronement of peace and peaceful co-existence in villages, homes, communities and society at large.

The Criteria:

  1. Facilitates peace initiatives that promote peace and unity including non-violent protests and peaceful march
  2. Provides psychological and material support to victims of conflict for the purpose of rehabilitation, reconstruction and reintegration
  3. Stimulates positive actions from political, traditional and religious leaders that promote peace
  4. Sensitizes and educates the general public on conflict prevention and transformation
  5. Initiates projects, programs and activities for the attainment of sustainable peace, dialogue, non-violence and creative approaches towards peaceful coexistence in communities and the world at large.

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