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   “Our vision is to progressively promote world peace and economic emancipation in Africa through judicial reform, cultural orientation and sustained proliferation in the advancement of ADR practices”

In a world where several jurisdictions are grappling with how to improve their justice systems by making them more responsive to the daunting challenges of commerce, elections and conflicts, it is refreshing to experience what NCMG International has achieved since its establishment in 1996.

Through practical and innovative solutions including multi-door courthouses, court connected systems, customized initiatives, corporate focused programs and collegial partnerships, NCMG International plays a pivotal role in the positive transformation associated with dispute resolution and conflict management.

Over the years, we have acquired leadership status in the planning, design and implementation of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) projects in Africa. From inception, the NCMG International has embarked on several projects focused on establishing, developing and replicating dispute management institutions anchored on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

From our forefathers of yesterday to us who are the current holders of the key to a future cultivated within the soil of boundless possibilities, NCMG International is fully committed to a world of peaceful coexistence that can be achieved through effective dispute resolution and conflict management alternatives.

With clarity of purpose and dogged commitment, we are ready and fully engaged as we welcome a new era of judicial reform, negotiation, conflict management and peace.


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