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The ADR NET is an international network of leading proponents of an amicable means of dispute resolution procedures. An initiative of the NCMG International that provides an unrivaled opportunity for members within the network to have access to latest developments in the industry, exchange ideas with the leading lights in the industry and more importantly, join the teeming number of advocates dedicated to cross border transactions.

How do I join the ADR NET

  1. This is only open to the members of the NCMG International (Africa’s foremost ADR provider).
  2. NCMG Membership has 6 categories namely; Student, Individual, Corporate, Professional firms, Judicial & Benefactors.
  3. Sign on to any of this categories and a membership code would be given to you which then gives you access to the ADR Net

Why should I join the ADR NET

  1. It provides the latest developments in the ADR industry.
  2. It helps develop your skills as a practitioner
  3. It helps promote you, as a neutral.
  4. It offers a support infrastructure.
  5. It is inspirational.

What is unique about the ADR NET Membership


  1. You become a member of a dedicated group
  2. You develop through opportunity, guidance and support
  3. You bring in a different experience

How does the ADR NET operate

  1. A membership code which is your password to the ADR online community (ADR NET)
  2. An administrator which is residence within the Membership unit guide against spam posting from members or external sources
  3. A platform to post information, ask or answer questions

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