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NCMG International membership is open to individuals and organizations that believe in peace building and access to justice. NCMG offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to participate in and be a catalyst for change. It is specially designed for those who wish to support a peace building ecosystem while propagating the use of non-traditional, prompt, effective and cost effective dispute resolution alternatives.

The NCMG Membership is bestowed on Individuals, Public and Private Corporations that believe in peace building, access to justice, ADR ethos and support all the activities of NCMG International in the development of ADR in Nigeria & Africa at large.

Membership of NCMG is built on five (5) major pillars, which summarize our objectives as an organization and the prospects in membership. These are:

Pillar One:       Networking, creating networking platform through three initiatives namely; the ADR Net, ADR Club & ADR Pledge
Pillar Two:      Helpline, creating avenue for prompt and effective response to all ADR practitioners
Pillar Three:    Peace Building, we are on the course of peace building in Africa and want you to join the campaign
Pillar Four:      Training & Capacity Building Opportunities
Pillar Five:       Panel/Pool of Neutrals, available opportunities to join our pool of neutrals

NCMG Membership Categories:

NCMG Diplomat 


(USD3000) per annum & above

NCMG Judicial Member

Bench of 20 :  3million Naira (USD8, 500) per annum

Bench of 15 :   2.5million Naira (USD7, 500) per annum

Bench of 10  :  2million Naira (USD6, 000) per annum

Individual Judge :  200,000.00 Naira (USD600) per annum

NCMG Senior Partner

₦200,000.00 (USD600) per annum

NCMG Partner

₦100,000.00 (USD300) per annum

NCMG Associate

₦50,000.00 (USD150) per annum

**Students are entitled to discount on subscription fee as NCMG Partner or Associate Members.

Click here to download the NCMG Membership Form and submit to any of our offices.

Benefits of Membership

Opportunity for Speaking Engagement, Training’s and Consultancies where applicable

Priority Invitation to NCMG Conference including international events

Discount on Training’s, Conferences and Workshops

Access to current news or update in the field of Mediation, Arbitration and ADR

Opportunity for possible inclusion on the NCMG Panel of Neutrals and recommendation for possible Mediation and Arbitration Services when requested


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