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PEACE PLEDGE (Individual / Corporate)

We recognize that the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is no different from the fight in wartime. It is imperative for African leaders, corporations, agencies and individuals to coalesce and mobilize towards the common enemy.
To this end, we invite all well-meaning Africans and Corporations to pledge their support for health workers and the sector as a whole, providing food for all in need and enhancing access to justice.

I / We hereby endorse the Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors Initiative and subscribe to the following statements of principle :

1. Recognise the threat of Covid-19 and pledge to become a Covid- 19 Peace Ambassador by abiding with and encouraging others to respect the WHO protocols especially regular hand washing and social distancing

2. Promote the ideals of Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors and support efforts in relation to the overarching objectives

3. Contribute resources available to me be it in skills, ideas or sponsorships towards the Covid-19 Peace Ambassador.

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Dr. Christopher Kolade

“ I am proud to be a Covid-19 Peace Ambassador. I look forward to welcoming you”

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Prof. Isabella Okagbue

“The Covid-19 Peace Ambassador needs your skill, ideas and support. I have proudly signed the COVID-19 Peace Pledge”

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Mr. M.K. Ahmad

“I have signed the Covid-19 Peace Pledge. You should too”

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Justice Ayotunde Phillips

“ The fight against the pandemic is a must for all. Please sign up and become a Covid-19 Peace Ambassador”

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Kehinde Aina

“I am proud to be a Covid19 Peace Ambassador”


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