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...winning the battle for Africa
Dr. Christopher Kolade (Chairman, NCMG Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors)
Dr. Christopher Kolade
(Chairman, NCMG Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors)

“While we recognise the tremendous efforts of the African Union, ECOWAS and African State Governments to win the battle against the Coronavirus, it is imperative that all Corporations, Agencies and individuals supplement government efforts to overcome both the economic virus and the coronavirus in Africa. To this end, I invite all well-meaning individuals and corporations with interest in the survival of Africa to pledge their support for health workers whose commitment to this challenge is nothing short of heroic. In addition, given the impact of the virus on the economy especially Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs), I equally invite support for this all-important engine of growth to the survival of the African Continent. Needless to say, the continued overburdening of the law courts at this time is impolitic and the effective resolution of disputes is in our collective best interest”.

Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors   The Clarion Call

Our clarion call is to everyone, from organisations to civil societies and individuals to support the Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors by joining in the crusade whose objective is to provide support in the following areas;

Frontline Workers for Peace

By your contribution, we are able to recognize and support frontline workers with life insurance covers, testing kits, PPEs and other equipment for their heroic service.

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Business Support for Peace

By your contribution and support, we are better placed to promote socioeconomic sustainability for MSMEs who depend on daily income to reserve jobs, alleviate poverty and promote peaceful co-existence on the society.

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Dispute Resolution for Peace

By your endorsement, you pledge to minimize  the burden on the lawcourts and resort to litigation by promoting the growth of amicable resolution of disputes.

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Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors: The Essence

The paradox of Covid-19 is one that will remain with humanity for a long time to come. While frontline workers especially doctors, nurses and  other first responders are demonstrating selfless heroism against all odds, the economy of Nigeria and African countries are confronted with the biggest threat yet by Covid-19.  With the untold hardship Covid-19 presents especially to small businesses which are the engine of growth in Nigeria and Africa, the threat to peace and security within the continent is best acknowledged and addressed.

The Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors (for Africa) is predicated on the conviction that the economic virus in Africa predates the Coronavirus. Given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on an already poverty-ridden region, the threat to peace in the land requires urgent steps  towards  ameliorating the impact on families, businesses and citizens as a whole. To this end, the Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors (for Africa) through its Peace Fund shall address these economic challenges and provide support to the healthcare workers and first responders as they represent the troops on the Covid-19 battlefront.



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