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...winning the battle for Africa
-Professor Ibrahim Gambari CFR (Chair, NCMG Peace Awards Panel of Judges)
-Professor Ibrahim Gambari CFR
(Chair, NCMG Peace Awards Panel of Judges)


“For Africa to win the battle against the Coronavirus, all African leaders, corporations, agencies and individuals must coalesce and mobilize towards the common enemy. Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors (for Africa) affords a unique opportunity towards proffering meaningful and timely solutions to the myriad of challenges posed by this virus. I invite all well-meaning Africans and Corporations to pledge their support for health workers and the sector as a whole; provide food for all in need at this time and enhance access to justice through virtual court system and alternative mechanisms in resolving Covid-19 related disputes”.

COVID-19: The Unseen Enemy

The outbreak of the Coronavirus is having far-reaching implications on the African continent. The vulnerability of the region with its weak health structures coupled with fragile food systems clearly indicates that Africa may be worse hit by this invisible disease. It is a reality test which calls for a more decisive action and coordinated response by African leaders.

Currently, the pandemic is already;
• Disrupting the livelihoods of millions of Africans,
• Weakening the non-existent healthcare facilities ;
• Halting court services and closing small and informal businesses.

As the fight against the pandemic is no different from the fight in wartime, the Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors have resolved to deploy all necessary tools, resources and time towards proffering solutions to the challenges posed by this pandemic in Africa.

Our Conviction: The Vicious Cycle

The need for concerted efforts between the Government, private sector, development agencies and other stakeholders cannot be over emphasized. It is important to understand the vicious cycle of the hydraheaded war:

Constrained healthcare system

Should the pandemic reach its peak, in addition to the state of disarray of our healthcare facilities, there is only one doctor to every 5,000 Africans.

Acute food insecurity

Despite 60% of its population engaged in agriculture, it is estimated that with the outbreak of Coronavirus, between 5million to 29 million Africans will be pushed below the extreme poverty benchmark of $1.90 per day.

Closure of businesses

Businesses may have to shut down as business owners particularly SMEs make up a large percentage of the African workforce.

Widening justice gap

 It raises problems for the operation of courts and legal practices, legal support for vulnerable people and access to channels to address their legal problems.

Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors: The Essence

Covid-19 Peace Ambassadors is a clarion call to all Africans, African leaders, corporations and development organisations to pledge their commitment and support towards promoting sustainable peace during this period of war in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
Quite apart from morally pledging their support, this unique network of ambassadors are deliberate in their resolve in proffering solutions in the following three primary areas;

Access to Health

To ensure all frontline workers have Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) with access to adequate testing kits, ventilators, isolation centres and other medical equipment.

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Access to Food

Given the spate of poverty and the effect of Covid-19 on the criticizes, the Peace Ambassadors will aim to feed a sizeable number of households in Nigeria and the African.

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Access to Justice

To improve access to justice for all at this time by supporting the virtual court project and promoting the use of mediation and arbitration in resolving Covid-19 related disputes and other matters.

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