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All over Africa including Nigeria overflowing the number and complexity of dispute are multiplying. In addition, with their overflowing caseload, inadequate infrastructure and lack of timely dispensation of justice, Africa’s judiciaries are ill equipped to deal with the disputes that emanates from the growth of their economies. The shortcomings of Sub Sahara Africa’s judiciary constitute a threat to Africa’s future development and need to be corrected.

In order to provide a meaningful and progressive platform for the resolution of these problems, this division has the following objectives:

  1. Coordinate the development of model dispute resolution protocols and legislation.
  2. Host mediation and arbitration proceedings in a state-of-the-art hearing facility.
  3. Convene thought leaders in the field of dispute resolution.
  4. Offer concierge services and logistical support for mediation and arbitration proceedings including interpreters and translators.
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ADR Services


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